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April 5, 2012

Four More Questions

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Click on the video above to watch the first-ever presidential Passover greeting.
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As Jews in the United States and around the world gather together to celebrate Passover, it is important that we reflect on the blessings and freedoms that we have as Jews living in a free society. One of those blessings is that we have a President deeply committed to the safety and security of Israel, and the welfare of all Americans—including the needy among us.

At many seders, the topic of politics will more than likely come up—often because one of the guests received one of the many false and malicious emails floating around the internet. That dinner guest should be replied to with these four questions:

1.) Why has President Obama provided record amounts of military aid to Israel—including double the amount of supplemental funding for missile defense programs, like the Iron Dome, that are saving Israeli lives today?

2.) Why has President Obama worked so hard and succeeded at uniting the world against Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons program, while voting with Israel 100% of the time at the United Nations—earning the plaudits of Israel’s leaders?

3.) Why has President Obama achieved the historic passage of “Obamacare,” which has already permitted 2.5 million young adults to remain on their parents’ health care plans—and will end discrimination for those with pre-existing conditions, ultimately providing coverage to 34 million more Americans?

4.) Why has President Obama fought to strengthen Medicare and Medicaid, keeping our commitment to our seniors—and our collective commitment to help those in need through shared responsibility?

The answers to all of these questions are: President Obama cares deeply about the safety and security of the Jewish state. He has been Israel’s leading advocate from day one and has done more than any other President to meaningfully bolster its defenses and provide for its future. He also cares deeply about the welfare of all Americans, including our seniors and the needy - and our commitment to them.

For these reasons, President Obama deserves our thanks.

For these reasons, that dinner guest should be responded to with NJDC’s four questions and be invited to check out for more information.

Pete Souza/The White House

Above, President Obama leads his own seder at the White House. Click here to learn more.