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October 27, 2010

Senator Barbara Boxer: A Stalwart Ally of Israel

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California Senator Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) extensive pro-Israel record is currently being smeared and slandered by right-wing activists seeking to make Israel a partisan wedge issue. Throughout her three terms in the Senate, Boxer has been a stalwart ally of Israel and has worked to ensure that the United States never waivers from its commitment to Israel’s security.

 Boxer has brought Democrats and Republicans together on this crucial issue, which has helped the United States adopt stringent policies against Israel’s enemies

This fact sheet can be downloaded as a pdf.

Boxer’s notable actions include:

  • Consistently supporting American military and economic aid to Israel
  • Co-sponsoring the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act
  • Authoring the current sanctions legislation against Syria
  • Introducing legislation to fund a short-range missile defense system for Israel
  • Rallying her colleagues to affirm the special nature of the U.S.-Israel relationship
  • Urging President George W. Bush to take a hard-line stance against Palestinian intransigence and terrorism
  • Traveling to Israel multiple times as part of official delegations, including to assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral
  • Supporting direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians

As a leader on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Boxer is in the strongest possible position to advocate for Israel within the halls of Congress and strengthen the U.S.-Israel special relationship!