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December 14, 2005

Far Right Threatens Support for Israel

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Once again, a top Christian conservative leader has threatened that he and his followers could abandon support for Israel if Jewish leaders continue speaking out against the religious right's attack on separation of church and state in America.

We first reported last month (click for article) that a top leader of the far-right organization Focus on the Family threatened to withdraw future support for Israel -- if American Jewish organizations don't stop decrying the damage being done to religious liberty in America.

As the Anti-Defamation League, the Union of Reform Judaism and other mainstream American Jewish organizations continue to speak out on behalf of church/state separation, the threats to abandon Israel keep coming from the far right.
Last week, the founder and chairman of the American Family Association suggested on his radio program that if Jewish leaders continue criticizing the religious right, his followers simply "won't support Israel anymore."

Could it be that some Christian conservatives' support for Israel isn't built on the strong, non-dogmatic foundation that some would have us believe? Or perhaps their commitment to "Christianizing" America blinds these far-right leaders to everything else? Stay tuned for further threats from the right.

For more information on the American Family Association broadcast, including a transcript and audio clip, please click here to view the complete report from Media Matters for America.