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April 12, 2010

Accusations that U.S. is Denying Israeli Scientists’ Visas are False, NJDC Says

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Right wing ideologues battering U.S.-Israel relationship with faulty information

Citing an anonymous source yesterday, the Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported that the United States, under President Obama’s watch, had adopted a new policy of denying visas to Israeli nuclear scientists. Today, the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), with information provided by Israeli officials, is helping debunk the false claims in the story.

According to information provided to NJDC by Israeli officials “Israel does not perceive any change in the U.S. policy regarding this matter.” 


NJDC CEO, Ira N. Forman issued the following statement regarding the situation: 


The report from Ma’ariv is patently false. Not only have Israeli officials denied any change in policy, but U.S. officials have as well. Right wing publications and organizations such as Pajamas Media, Commentary, the Republican Jewish Coalition, and the American Thinker have used this false report to further their own ideological agendas. We hope now that the story has been debunked as false, they will correct their own reporting – though we won’t hold our breath.