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October 29, 2014

Jewish Democrats Disapointed in Inappropriate Language from Obama Administration

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Jewish Democrats “Disappointed” in “Inappropriate” Language from Obama Administration

The National Jewish Democratic Council expresses surprise and disappointment at the profane and inappropriate language attributed to a senior administration official in describing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Even in informal conversation, the use of the term was unprofessional and does not meet the standard of civility and deference that has typified the Administration even in disagreement with its long-time ally.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has the right and responsibility as the freely elected leader of a sovereign nation to conduct Israel’s foreign and domestic policies as he determines are in the best interests of his country and its people.  Likewise, the United States has a strategic interest in pursuing peace, prosperity and security for Israel.  Cooperation between the two countries has never been stronger.

The personal frustration that is reflected in the anonymous source’s ad hominem attack should be channeled to constructive engagement rather than rhetorical flourishes.