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June 10, 2013

GOP Leaders Must Stand Against Holocaust Rhetoric by Limbaugh, Beck

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WASHINGTON, DC- National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) Executive Director Aaron Keyak released the following statement:

“Rush Limbaugh’s and Glenn Beck’s recent allusions of the IRS scandal to the Holocaust are both wildly inaccurate and completely unacceptable. Both Limbaugh and Beck have different, yet equally appalling, records when it comes to invoking the Holocaust to score political points—and they both preach to large segments of the Republican Party’s base. Republican leaders must stand against the outrageous Holocaust-laden nonsense and conspiracy theories that is found far too often over right-wing airways. The dog whistling is deafening.”

Beck said on Friday:

I’m telling you America, if we don’t stop this right now, we will be remembered as the most evil nation in the history of the world. We will dwarf what Germany did. And I say that, if Mitt Romney were in office and this were happening I would be saying exactly the same thing. This is the way totalitarian states are created. This is it. And, as much as you want to say, “oh, well, that’s hogwash,” well, what were they doing with the IRS? And the IRS is in charge of all of your healthcare information next year. Don’t you put these puzzle pieces together? They’re in charge of your health care!  Ok, well they’re not going to do anything. Really? They already are! You want to shut down the Tea Party, they can do it overnight. You want to scoop up everybody who has ever been a part of the Tea Party, ever visited any website, ever been on that side or this side, or for that person or this person, ever had any connections at all to anything, all they have to do is put the connections in, hit print, round them up. There wouldn’t be a Jew alive on the planet today if Hitler had this technology. Not a Jew alive on the planet. Not one.

Limbaugh said on Friday:

Folks, here’s the thing, I guess, that gets me. I mentioned Herbert Meyer. We interviewed him for the Limbaugh Letter a few short months ago. ... he wrote a piece that currently is in the American Thinker earlier this week, and it had the potential to be controversial because he used Adolf Hitler and Nazism in it, and it was his way of explaining, he made a point in the piece that nowhere, you know, people looking for a smoking gun to nail Obama on all these scandals, Herb says, “Ain’t gonna be one.”

He said whether you believe it or not, there is not one document linking Adolf Hitler to the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler never put it on paper what he intended to do. There is no smoking gun. And yet what happened? We know that the Nazis engaged in the Holocaust. Herb Meyer’s point was that the people Hitler hired didn’t have to be told. They didn’t have to be given instructions. All they had to do was listen to what Hitler was saying. All they had to do was listen to what his objectives were. And he said the same thing’s happening here with this administration. He went to great pains to say: I’m not calling this administration a bunch of Nazis. I’m just using this as an illustration. I know people will get my point if I use something this notorious, the Nazi regime.

It’s a point that I’ve made here about the IRS. They say, “Well, you can’t link it in to Obama.” You don’t need to link Obama to it. He hired these people. Lois Lerner and everybody at the IRS who’s doing this is doing everything they can to please Obama. There’s not gonna be a smoking gun, but you don’t need a smoking gun to know where this administration’s doing what it’s doing. Obama puts people in positions that mirror him. Eric Holder, you name it, they’re doing Obama’s bidding. Everybody.