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December 11, 2007

New Poll: Democratic ID Increases Among American Jews

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Washington, D.C. -- Today, a new American Jewish Committee (AJC) poll found that 58% of Jewish Americans self-identify as Democrats - this represents an increase of ten percentage points from 2002 and four percentage points in the last year alone. Jews self-identified as Democrats by 48% in 2002, 54% in 2004 and 54% in 2006. Republican self-identification among Jews remains at 15%, down three points since 2002 when 18% of Jews self-identified as Republican.

"As a Jewish Democrat I am encouraged by this news, but not surprised,"said NJDC Executive Director Ira N. Forman. "The new Democratic Congress has been great on Israel, and American Jews side with the Democratic agenda on all major domestic priorities. Simply put, the Democratic party's values are Jewish values."

Among the various issues in the AJC poll where Jewish Americans side with the Democratic agenda:

- 82% of Jews say energy independence is very important, and a whopping 99% say it is at least somewhat important.

- 69% of Jews say that developing alternative energy sources is the best way for America to address its energy needs.

- 67% of Jews say we should have stayed out of Iraq.

- 68% of Jews say the surge in Iraq has had either no impact or made things worse.

- 61% of Jews trust Democrats more on Iraq, compared with only 21% who trust Republicans.

- A plurality of Jews (43%) lean at least slightly to the left, while 74% identify as either moderate or liberal. Only 25% are at least slightly conservative.

- 62% of Jews trust Democrats more on the economy, compared with only 26% who trust Republicans.

The AJC survey is available online here.