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January 10, 2012

Primary Wins by Romney and Anti-Israel Paul “Repel Jews from GOP”

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WASHINGTON, DC- The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) tonight expressed concern over the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary results in which former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finished in first place ahead of anti-Israel Representative Ron Paul (R-TX). NJDC President and CEO David A. Harris said:

“The results out of New Hampshire are yet another indication, as if one was needed, that these candidates are trying to do everything they can to repel Jews from the GOP. Mitt Romney—a serial flip flopper who has courted Pat Robertson and considers the anti-Israel Ron Paul a viable Republican nominee—finished in first even as he flees from his past policy positions. But the most alarming result from today’s primary is that Ron Paul, a member of Congress with a truly anti-Israel record—one who even empathizes with Iran, finished right behind Romney. Paul’s strong performance and momentum indicates that he is increasingly now the ‘anti-Romney,’ a true GOP force to be reckoned with who will have a major impact on the GOP’s nominating process. It is long past time for the national leadership of the Republican Party—including Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus, who has remained silent and given Paul a ‘pass’—to quit slandering President Obama’s stellar pro-Israel record and instead focus on the anti-Israel candidate who is bringing anti-Israel views deeper and deeper into the GOP’s own nominating process. Paul’s dangerous views need to be squarely addressed by Priebus and other top leaders of the GOP today, before Paul succeeds any further in the GOP primaries.”

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has demonstrated through his serial flip-flops that he does not share the same policy positions as most American Jews. [NJDC, June 6, 2011] He opposes a health care reform plan based in part off of the plan he enacted as governor; he’s adopted positions on social issues far away from the Jewish mainstream—including courting controversial televangelist Pat Robertson [NJDC, July 28, 2011]; and he’s not stated how his support for starting all foreign aid at zero will impact vital aid to Israel. [NJDC, December 7, 2011] In addition, Romney pledged to vote for Ron Paul—with full knowledge of his anti-Israel record—if he were to become the GOP nominee and even expressed hope that Paul, after decades of railing against the U.S.-Israel relationship, would somehow deviate from his anti-Israel record. [NJDC, December 28, 2011] Further, questions linger about his charity’s Iran-tainted assets, especially as the Obama Administration continues to increase sanctions against Iran. [AP, August 12, 2011] Romney’s flip-flops and pandering leave many questions about his ability to fight for policies supported by the majority of American Jews.

Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) has a truly anti-Israel record. From consistently bemoaning the U.S.-Israel relationship—including on Iranian television [NJDC, December 27, 2011]—  to proposing an amendment to eliminate American aid to Israel [NJDC, February 16, 2011], and trying to empathize with the Iranians’ nuclear weapons program [NJDC, August 15, 2011], Paul has set himself apart as one of the most outspoken anti-Israel members of Congress in modern times. Paul even said the anti-Zionist statements from an anti-Zionist rabbi were “good advice.” [Haaretz, January 10, 2012] In addition, multiple newsletters bearing Paul’s name containing anti-Semitic and anti-Israel conspiracy theories and rhetoric were published during the 1990’s. [The New Republic, December 23, 2011] Paul’s Israel views are so extreme that Jewish Republicans kept him out of their presidential forum and preemptively condemned his presidential campaign. [RJC Press Release, May 12, 2011] [CBS, December 2, 2011] When it comes to supporting Israel, Paul and the overwhelming majority of American Jews are on opposing sides. With a record like this, American Jews are unlikely to give Paul a second look, if they give him a first one at all.