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March 6, 2014

NJDC Applauds President Obama for Proposing Increased Funding for Israeli Missile Defense

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NJDC Applauds President Obama for Proposing Increased Funding for Israeli Missile Defense

Washington, D.C. - In a budget proposal put forth by President Barack Obama and the White House this week, the requested amount of funding for the joint Israeli-U.S. missile defense program was an increase over last year’s request. National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) Executive Director Rabbi Jack Moline praised the budget as yet another example of the administration’s firm commitment to the safety and security of the Jewish state. Moline stated:

“This year’s budget proposed by President Obama stands as another shining example of the iron-clad friendship between the United States and Israel. The Arrow II, Arrow III, and David’s Sling missile defense systems have made life safer for Israel’s citizens, and a steadfast commitment to Israel’s security from the Obama administration have helped make that security a possibility. We are proud to stand with President Obama as this budget seeks to continue to strengthen the all-important relationship between the two countries.

“Similarly, it is important to exercise caution about responding to obviously partisan challenges that divert attention from both the truth and real issues. Too often, there are those among us who seek to manipulate the facts in order to confuse and frighten the public. We would gently remind our friends to be wary of attempts to do so.”

Globes reported today that “Obama’s proposed 2015 budget raises the missile defense budget from $95 million in 2014 to $96.8 million.” The paper also reported that “A source in [Rep. Doug] Lamborn’s office admitted that… ‘it is true that the White House has raised its budget allocation for Israel’s missile programs.’”