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February 13, 2005

NJDC Congratulates Gov. Dean on Election to DNC Chair

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Washington, DC: The National Jewish Democratic Council today congratulated Governor Howard Dean on his election to Chair of the Democratic National Committee at this weekend's DNC Winter Meeting.

"Dr. Dean's tremendous organizing skills and his boundless energy make him an excellent choice to lead our Party at this critical time," said National Jewish Democratic Council National Chairman Ambassador Arthur Schechter. "As a close friend of the American Jewish community, he will work tirelessly to advance our shared values of strong support for Israel, the separation of church and state, and reproductive rights. And as a devoted Democrat, he will spend every minute of his tenure working to roll-back the right-wing tide and advance Democratic ideals," Amb. Schechter said.

"We at the NJDC have worked very closely with the outgoing DNC Chairman, our good friend Terry McAuliffe, over the past four years. We will never forget his limitless enthusiasm and tireless commitment to our cause," Amb. Schechter added. "And we were deeply honored by the presence of both Terry McAuliffe and Howard Dean together at our Thursday reception at the DNC Winter Meetings. We eagerly look forward to working closely with Governor Dean to continue reaching out to the vast majority of American Jews who share our progressive values and ideals."