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May 3, 2001

NJDC Launches Ad Campaign Assessing President Bush’s First 100 Days in Office

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Washington, DC: The National Jewish Democratic Council today announced that it had placed a series of full-page advertisements in a number of local and national Jewish newspapers, providing a stark but factual assessment of actions President Bush has taken on issues of special interest to American Jews during his first 100 days in office. The advertisement - which analyzes damaging steps the new president has taken in the areas of church/state separation, reproductive rights and the environment - is appearing in this week's issues of the Forward, the New York Jewish Week and the Washington Jewish Week, all of which are available for sale as of today.

"This advertising campaign reflects NJDC's ongoing commitment to educate the American Jewish community about exactly what measures their elected officials are pursuing, and - in the case of President Bush and other top Republican leaders - exactly how out-of-step these measures are with the beliefs of the vast majority of American Jews," said William B. Dockser, National Chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council. "When it comes to attacking the wall separating church and state, President Bush has pursued an unparalleled initiative that would directly fund churches and other houses of worship on an unprecedented scale - literally tearing down that precious wall in the process. President Bush began to attack reproductive rights on his first full day in office by reinstating the global 'gag' rule, thus placing in serious peril the mission of family planning and reproductive health organizations around the world. And when it comes to attacking our environment, we have all watched in shock as President Bush has rolled-back the clock on environmental protections on what seems like a daily basis.

"President Bush's policies are decidedly at odds with the priorities of the vast majority of American Jews. We at the National Jewish Democratic Council will do everything we can throughout the Bush Administration - in a fact-based, substantive manner - to make sure that every American Jew knows exactly what initiatives the President is undertaking. And by presenting the facts in a straightforward manner, I'm confident that American Jews will continue to make the right choices at the ballot box," added Mr. Dockser.