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October 15, 2009

NJDC Launches Jewish Voter Outreach in New Jersey and Virginia

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Washington, DC - The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) announced today that it is launching an unprecedented Jewish outreach effort for the upcoming elections in New Jersey and Virginia. NJDC’s wide-ranging projects in both states will include field organizers, advertising, direct mail, literature drops, trainings, surrogate speaking, phone banking, and canvassing.

“Jewish voters will face important choices when going to the voting booth, and NJDC wants to make sure they have the facts and vote on November 3,” said Linda Berg, NJDC’s Political Director. “The polling for this year’s elections in New Jersey and Virginia demonstrates that the races are very close. We estimate Jewish voters could make the difference in these elections.”

To educate Jewish voters, NJDC’s outreach teams in New Jersey and Virginia will address important issues such as women’s equal rights, reproductive freedom, stem cell research, health care, and economic partnerships with Israel on the state level.

In New Jersey, NJDC’s outreach will be led by Project Director Jill LaZare and Andrew Rosen who will be organizing southern New Jersey. In Virginia, NJDC’s efforts will be lead by Project Director Alana Kuhn. Andrew Linhardt will be organizing Northern Virginia and Melissa Zinder will be organizing students at the University of Virginia.

“There are stark differences between the Republican and Democratic candidates in New Jersey and Virginia on issues that Jewish voters care deeply about. NJDC is excited to launch this unprecedented outreach effort to educate Jewish voters statewide,” said Berg.