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July 28, 2014

NJDC Reaffirms Support of Israel

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The National Jewish Democratic Council reaffirms its unequivocal support for Israel as the IDF attempts to secure the safety of Israeli citizens.

We note with concern that the missiles that provoked Israel’s defensive actions continue to fly, in spite of the acknowledgment by Hamas of the suffering that results from them.  Until such time as Israel is confident that their own children and civilians can conduct their daily tasks without the threat of attempted murder from Gaza, it is disproportionate to ask Israel to restrain its attempts to eliminate the caches of weapons and the means to deliver terror.

At the same time, we feel compassion for the innocent victims of this conflict, especially those put in harm’s way for the sake of anti-Israel propaganda. It is our hope that the efforts of Israel and its strongest ally, the United States, to bring a timely end to the circumstances of their suffering will be successful.

NJDC remains grateful to the United States government for Iron Dome and other military aid that has saved countless Israeli and Palestinian lives during the barrage of thousands of missiles and mortars over the years.  We affirm a continuing strong and consistent alliance between the two countries that is a hallmark of both governments’ foreign policy.  We call on representatives of both governments to support the security interests of each other and to rely on the unbreakable bond between both countries in that mutual support.