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July 17, 2014

NJDC Stands with the Government of Israel

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The National Jewish Democratic Council stands unequivocally with the Government of Israel in its efforts to protect its citizens from terror attacks originating in Gaza.  Air strikes to eliminate rockets, defensive maneuvers to thwart invading terrorists and ground efforts to expose and destroy tunnels across the border are all appropriate and necessary measures.

NJDC expresses its continuing gratitude to President Obama and the United States Congress for the exceptional support for Israel, including the Iron Dome defense system and other military aid.  We join with the President in our hopes that this conflict will come to an end soon with a minimum of human casualties.  We call on all Americans to set aside partisans concerns in support of our critical ally.

Israel continues to expend extraordinary efforts in Gaza to protect non-combatants, especially children, from the impact of this conflict, sometimes at the risk of its own soldiers’ safety.  These efforts are in stark contrast to the aggression by military and paramilitary forces in Gaza who specifically target civilian populations and non-military locales.

The longer-term solution to this current military conflict includes a comprehensive agreement establishing two secure and recognized states, one for Israelis and one for Palestinians.  NJDC expresses the hope that willing partners for such an agreement will be found to respond to initiatives by the Israeli government