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April 28, 2014

NJDC Statement on Yom HaShoah

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On this day dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and those who resisted the Nazis, the National Jewish Democratic Council solemnly affirms again its commitment to a society that protects and defends the Jewish people and all people from intolerance, scapegoating and intimidation.

In recent days, voices within America have sought to diminish fellow citizens on the basis of their race or national origin.  We reject those representations entirely, no matter their sources.  We call on all people of good will to isolate individuals who degrade and stereotype others.  There should be no reward for bigotry.

NJDC reaffirms the importance of the State of Israel as the Jewish state and as a critical ally to the United States.  We remain grateful for the support of the Administration and Congress.  That support is important not just because Israel represents a continuation of the resistance to the evil of anti-semitism, but because of the values of democracy and human rights shared with America.

For that reason, we express our deep disappointment that the Secretary of State has chosen to invoke the specter of “apartheid” in discussing his concerns about the failing peace process.  We reject entirely that racially-based governance inherent in that word in any way describes Israel, as well as the implication that the government of Israel uses such prejudice to formalize disadvantages for any of its citizens or neighbors.  It is surprising that Secretary Kerry would use this term and he should apologize and eschew the use of that formulation in the future.

Similarly, we appreciate the statement of President Mahmoud Abbas affirming the horrors of the Holocaust, but express our hopes that he will choose to be a partner for peace rather than embracing those who are trying to repeat our destruction.