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May 16, 2001

Pataki Puts Fundraising Over Principle

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Despite His Criticism of Museum, New York Governor to Hold Gala Event in Museum Featuring Likeness of Arafat

The National Jewish Democratic Council criticized New York Governor George Pataki's (R) hypocrisy for holding a Republican fundraiser at Madame Tussaud's wax museum - which includes a likeness of PLO Chairman Yassir Arafat - despite Pataki's previous statements condemning the placement of an Arafat statue in the New York City museum. Pataki is hosting a June reception at Madame Tussaud's benefiting the Republican Governor's Association, at which tickets will be sold for up to $100,000 apiece. Pataki was quoted in several news accounts saying he "would certainly urge that a flattering portrayal of Yassir Arafat has no place in New York City."

"Governor Pataki has abandoned the high ground in order to play both sides of the issue," stated NJDC Executive Director Ira N. Forman. "He wants to appeal to the Jewish community by condemning Arafat, but it appears more important for him to impress his buddies at the Republican Governor's Association and collect contributions. When will his principles kick in - after the checks have cleared? The Governor's hypocrisy in forging ahead with this gala - despite what he himself said about this museum - is an insult to the Jewish community."