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April 26, 2013

Sanford Must Reject Endorsement From Anti-Israel Ron Paul

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WASHINGTON, DC- The National Jewish Democratic Council today called on former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford to reject the endorsement of anti-Israel former Representative Ron Paul (R-TX). NJDC Executive Director Aaron Keyak said:

“During his time in the House, former Representative Ron Paul was a leading opponent of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Now he’s formed a think tank with anti-Semites and 9/11 truthers, according to a report published yesterday. Given this, it is unacceptable for Mark Sanford to accept his endorsement. After years in public service Sanford should know better and reject the endorsement—but it seems that desperation is trumping common sense after each self-inflicted wound in Sanford’s campaign. Republicans who seek and flaunt Paul’s endorsement cannot reasonably claim to be a friend of Israel or the American Jewish community. Period.”

Click here to learn about Paul’s endorsement of Sanford.