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October 28, 2008

In New Ad, Republican Jews Cite Source that Contradicts their Argument

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WASHINGTON, DC – The National Jewish Democratic Council (NDJC) is surprised by the Republican Jewish Coalition’s (RJC) remarkably sloppy use of citations in its latest ad.  RJC uses an article in its footnotes that disproves its claim that Senator Barack Obama is against naming the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

This is just the latest example of RJC’s ad campaign showing little regard for the truth. To counteract a portion of RJC’s dishonest and misinformation in its ads, today NJDC launched a new ad, “The Facts About the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Dishonest Campaign.”

“The RJC has become so disingenuous in its attempts to smear Senator Barack Obama in the Jewish community that it reference an article that is titled, ‘McCain misrepresents Obama's stand on naming Revolutionary Guard as terrorists,’” said Ira N. Forman, Executive Director of NJDC. “RJC’s sloppy use of citations reflects its careless treatment of the truth and RJC’s confidence that it will not be held accountable by the citations they provide.”

RJC’s last Jewish newspaper ad before Election Day actually cites an article from Annenberg Political Factcheck [link to:] that takes Senator John McCain to task for misrepresenting Obama’s stance on naming the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. This article appears in a footnote in an attempt for RJC to support its claim that Obama is “against labeling Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.”

NJDC’s latest ad responds to RJC’s most egregious lies from their ad from last week. The first was RJC’s false claim that McCain and Obama have different policies on a united Jerusalem. The second dishonest attack from the RJC was that Obama is against labeling the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, which is also not true. Interestingly enough, NJDC uses the Annenberg article to show that RJC leveled a false charged and is the fifth footnote in the newest NJDC ad.

Here is the full text of NJDC’s latest ad:

THE FACTS about the Republican Jewish Coalition’s dishonest campaign

Since this past summer, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) has placed a series of dishonest advertisements in the Washington Jewish Week and other Jewish papers around the country.  These ads are full of half-truths, omissions of relevant facts and outright falsehoods.

RJC’s latest false charges:

Senator Barack Obama opposes an “undivided Jerusalem” while Senator John McCain supports an “undivided Jerusalem.”

Senator Barack Obama opposes “labeling Iran’s revolutionary guard terrorists” while Senator John McCain supports “labeling Iran’s revolutionary guard terrorists.”

The truth:

McCain and Obama have the exact same positions on a united Jerusalem.

Senator John McCain: “The subject of Jerusalem itself will be addressed in negotiations by the Israeli government and people.”

Senator Barack Obama: “[I]t’s going to be up to the parties to negotiate a range of these issues. And Jerusalem will be part of those negotiations.”

Obama was a cosponsor of the Iran Counter- Proliferation Act, which designates the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization.

“McCain implies that Obama doesn’t think Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a terrorist organization. That’s wrong. Before the Kyl- Lieberman amendment was introduced, Obama cosponsored a bill that called for the IRGC to be designated as ‘a Foreign Terrorist Operation.’”


This month, a group of 562 rabbis who are supporting Obama said that the McCain campaign’s recent statements about Obama were “creeping toward hate speech” and that the RJC’s tactics “harken[s] back to the classic Republican red baiting tactics of Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon from the early fifties.”

NJDC’s newest ad:

RJC’s newest ad: