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January 26, 2011

Obama Echoes Jewish Community Agenda in State of the Union

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Originally Published in Politico’s Arena

By David A. Harris, President and CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council

I have to applaud President Obama for the important goals he outlined in his State of the Union address. He presented a clear vision and a plan to confront our country’s toughest challenges, setting the course for a brighter future for all Americans.

Once again in tonight’s State of the Union address, I was reminded once again that so many of the priorities of this president mirror those of the vast majority of the American Jewish community. From squarely emphasizing America’s energy independence and focusing on clean, renewable energy to addressing education and discussing the critical need to continue sanctions to contain Iran, the president’s priorities are our priorities.

I also have to praise the president for addressing the nature of political discourse, and calling us to rise above the contentious rhetoric that’s been all too common recently. Obama reminded members of both parties that we are part of something much greater, saying, “What comes of this moment is determined not by whether we can sit together tonight, but by whether we can work together tomorrow. I believe we can. I believe we must.” The National Jewish Democratic Council has repeatedly implored elected officials on both sides of the aisle to avoid vitriolic dialogue and to rise above the use of inflammatory language.

It is our hope that leaders of both parties will use Obama’s inspirational words as a starting point towards coming together and making the goals stated in the president’s speech a reality.