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November 29, 2012

Jewish Dems Alarmed by Today’s UN Vote

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NJDC Commends Obama Administration for Opposing Palestinians’ Status Upgrade

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) reacted to the United Nations vote today that upgraded the Palestinians to nonmember observer status. NJDC Chair Marc R. Stanley said:

“The leadership of the National Jewish Democratic Council is deeply concerned by today’s vote in the United Nations that upgraded the Palestinians’ status. While the ramifications of today’s vote will continue to unfold as time moves on, NJDC shares the Obama Administration’s and Israeli government’s views that actions through the Israel-obsessed UN are no substitute for direct negotiations and are ultimately counterproductive to the peace process. While the result of today’s vote proved inevitable, tremendous credit is due to the Obama Administration for making a clear case against the resolution and reiterating that the path to peace runs through direct negotiations.

“In the weeks since his reelection—and the four years of his presidency—President Obama and his Administration have vocally stood up for Israel’s right to defend itself. The President and senior members of his Administration unequivocally and personally condemned Hamas’ rocket attacks, while the Iron Dome missile defense system—President Obama’s signature contribution to Israel’s defense—saved countless Israeli lives and elicited praise and thanks from Israeli leaders.

“Now, the Obama Administration has taken yet another firm stance at the UN to support Israel’s legitimacy. Those who cried ‘wolf’ about an alleged radical change in the U.S.-Israel relationship during President Obama’s second term need to do some serious reflecting on the events of November 2012 and give the reelected pro-Israel President of the United States the thanks and respect that he is due.”