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October 28, 2008

NJDC Video: A Yiddisha Take on 2008

Listed in: Israel, Other Domestic Policy, Other Foreign Policy, Reproductive Rights, Separation of Church and State, Multimedia

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A Yiddisha Take on 2008
Transcript and translation

What do you think of a man who called our economy strong just weeks before it tanked?
There’s a meshugener (crazy person).

What do you think of McCain opposing funding for renewable energy?
Meshugeneh! (It’s crazy!)

Excuse me. McCain voted against the violence against women act.
What a shmendrick (fool).

McCain supports Bush’s plan to privatize social security so it can be at the mercy of the stock market.
Such a yutz (clueless person).

Ya know, McCain said he preferred that a president has a grounding in the Christian faith.
That gets me in my kishkes (guts). We don’t need that kind of tsores (trouble), honey.

Is Palin ready to handle complex foreign relations?
You think Bush is farblondzshet (bewildered), you haven’t seen anything.

You-hoo. You know, McCain didn’t support equal pay for equal work.
So women do all the schlepping (dragging), get bupkis (nothing) in return. Whatever.

John McCain says staying in Iraq is the only way to define victory.
That guy is such a nudnick (pest).

Hey. McCain supporters say we can’t trust Obama on Israel.
That’s total dreck (dirt). Obama’s a great friend to Israel. He’s got a perfect voting record.

What do you think about Pennsylvania Republicans implying that electing Obama could bring a Holocaust?
A shonde, it’s a shonde. (A shame, it’s disgraceful.)

You know McCain has 8 houses and 13 cars?
Oy gevault! (Oh for heaven’s sake!)

So what kind of leadership do we need for today’s world?
We need a mensch, a real mensch.(a decent person).

We hope you enjoyed our shtick (comic performance).