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November 14, 2008

The Smears Keep on Coming: Malley and Hamas

Listed in: Other Foreign Policy, Stop the Smears

The shameful right-wing smear machine that brought us outright lies and half-truths about President-elect Barack Obama during the presidential campaign is back again. Although it seems like it never left.

Though the campaign is over, the smears keep coming. This week, on conservative blogs, lies included a rumor that Robert Malley, a former staffer in the Clinton White House, is working for Obama. (In May of this year, Malley severed all ties with the Obama campaign after he met with Hamas as part of his job with the International Crisis Group. Obama said he would not meet with Hamas. )

The second smear accused the Obama team of meeting with Hamas officials. Again, something Obama has said would not happen unless Hamas ceased violence against Israel and recognized the state and its previous agreements with Palestinians.

These myths were immediately debunked by the Obama’s aides. Malley is NOT working for President-elect Obama and the administration-to-be is certainly NOT meeting with Hamas.

The continuation of this smear campaign represents a serious disease within our community that must end. It’s time we start focusing on the facts rather than the myths of the smear machine.