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Writing Blogs and Blog Comments

The blogging community is among the most important audiences that we can reach out to. You should engage blogs at every opportunity from commenting on existing blog posts to creating original entries.

More important may be your ability to be our eyes and ears in the blogosphere and respond, even if it is only a few lines, in the comment section of the many blogs throughout the Internet. Just like you respond to scurrilous e-mails that are sent to your inbox, we encourage you to respond to your local blogs and other online community forums.

You may also wish to consider starting your own blog or having a personal blog on a major blog (many liberal blogs and campaign sites allow this).

Here are some quick tips:
• Blog early and often
• Blog comments can be as short as a couple of lines, while a full blog entry can be short or as long as a standard op-ed (700 words)
• Blog locally