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Jewish Members of Congress: Jerry Nadler (Representative, New York)

Jerry Nadler

Representative Jerry Nadler was elected to represent the 8th congressional district of New York in 1992. He is a staunch defender of the first amendment and a champion of separation of church and state. Nadler has led the fight in passing bills such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Religious Land Use and Institutionalizing Persons Act and has constantly sought to protect the civil liberties of others. Nadler has remained vigilant on efforts to restrict women's reproductive rights and has opposed discrimination based on sexual orientation. He has also fought for hundreds of millions of dollars for affordable housing programs. He has also been a leading voice on transportation issues, improving rail systems for New York. He is a strong supporter of Israel and a peaceful Middle East. Nadler serves as the Assistant Whip and is on the Judiciary Committee and Transportation Committee. He currently lives in Manhattan with his wife Joyce Miller. They have one son.

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