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NJDC Denounces Rep. Franks’ Holocaust Comparison during Floor Speech

NJDC — August 2, 2011 – 4:48 pm | Abusive Holocaust Rhetoric | Budget | Domestic Policy | Republicans Comments (0) Add a comment

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) today denounced Representative Trent Franks’ (R-AZ) inappropriate invocation of the Holocaust on the House floor to advance his political arguments. Franks wrongly cited the Holocaust to advocate for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and to argue against what he termed judges “trying to legislate from the bench.” [Political Correction, August 2, 2011] Responding to his comments, NJDC President and CEO David A. Harris said:

“NJDC denounces Representative Franks’ disturbing and direct comparison of America’s judicial system to the legal system employed against Jews in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. His disrespectful reference—on the house floor of all places—did little to substantiate his flawed arguments while doing plenty to insult the memory of those who perished.  The judiciary system under Nazi Germany of which he spoke of course simply cannot be compared to America’s time-tested judicial system. This incident is not the first for Franks, but the time has come for him to apologize and to desist from using such Holocaust rhetoric in the future. As we have always said, all politicians—regardless of party —must refrain from using the Holocaust to make political points.”

Franks also used an inappropriate Holocaust reference to justify his anti-choice views. [October 26, 2002] He must apologize for his comments, and commit to refraining from Holocaust invocations in the future.

Franks is just the latest Republican to wrongly use the Holocaust to advance a political point. His comment demonstrates yet another reason why the Republican Party’s behavior repels the vast majority of American Jews.

NJDC consistently denounces inappropriate Holocaust references from members of both political parties and we implore others to do the same.


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