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Sheffey: Can we trust Obama on Iran?

Max Samis — March 13, 2015 – 11:29 am | Barack Obama | Iran | Israel Comments (0) Add a comment

In his latest op-ed in The Hill, political commentator Steve Sheffey describes why Israel and the American Jewish community can trust President Obama as diplomatic negotiations with Iran continue. Looking at the President’s record after six years in the Oval Office, Sheffey writes,

No Republican president has been a better friend of Israel than Obama. It is a measure of the strength of Obama’s commitment to Israel that he has not let personal tensions with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu get in the way of a strong U.S.-Israeli relationship. Under Obama, U.S. aid to Israel has reached record levels. After a frosty reception for Iron Dome from the George W. Bush administration, Obama fully backed Iron Dome and asked for funding above what Congress appropriated, which saved thousands of Israeli lives during the 2014 Gaza conflict. Obama also gave Israel access to the munitions it needed to replenish its supplies during that conflict.

President Obama’s record clearly demonstrates that he has earned the trust of the global community in working to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Sheffey writes,

Diplomacy remains our last best hope of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. We still don’t know if Iran will agree to our conditions. If they do, we’ll all have a chance to see if the deal meets the expectations the administration has set. Until then, Congress should not jeopardize the success of negotiations by legislation or back-channel communications. The Obama administration has earned our trust and deserves a chance to succeed. For the sake of Israel and the United States, we should give the administration that chance.

You can read Sheffey’s entire piece here. Additionally, you can sign up for Sheffey’s weekly Pro-Israel Political Updates here.


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