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NJDC Denounces Wannabe House Speaker’s Decision to Stump with Nazi Reenactor

Carly Lindauer — October 28, 2010 – 1:15 am | Election 2010 | GOP Hypocrisies | Republicans Comments (0) Add a comment

Yesterday evening it was announced on disgraced House candidate Rich Iott’s website that House Republican Leader John Boehner—the self-described House Speaker hopeful—would campaign with Nazi reenactor Rich Iott this Saturday. National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) President and CEO David A. Harris issued the following statement in response to this deeply troubling news:Iott in Nazi Garb

“The fact that House GOP Leader John Boehner found and embraced Rich Iott without doing basic due diligence regarding his passion for dressing up like a Nazi is disturbing enough. The fact that Boehner still refuses to distance himself from Iott, and even bankrolls him, is even more offensive. But his latest plan takes the spotlight off of Iott’s lack of fitness for office and shines it directly on Boehner’s own complete lack of leadership and wisdom.

Boehner’s decision to campaign with a candidate widely known as a Nazi reeneactor is horrifyingly insensitive and deeply disturbing. It seriously calls into question Boehner’s judgment, leadership skills and ability to serve the American people. Apparently Boehner has little regard for victims of the Holocaust, their families and sensitivities, and the valiant members of the armed services who so bravely fought for our country.

A true leader would have taken the many opportunities up until this moment - but surely, finally, this one - to speak out against Iott’s extraordinarily unacceptable behavior, and not endorse it and literally underwrite it, as Boehner has. This is yet another unfortunate example of extremist candidates being supported by an increasingly right-leaning Republican Party.

As a leader on the national stage, John Boehner is clearly not ready for prime time. And it goes without saying that Rich Iott and his wildly insensitive penchant for dressing like a Nazi has no place in the halls of Congress.”




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