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Sanders Wrong on Shoah Comment; Still Drowned Out By Right Wing Holocaust Comparisons

David Streeter — February 23, 2010 – 3:39 pm | Abusive Holocaust Rhetoric | Democrats | GOP Hypocrisies Comments (0) Add a comment

Today Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) compared climate change deniers to those who chose to ignore Hitler’s rise in Europe. Sanders’ comment is completely inappropriate; as we have said previously and repeatedly, Holocaust rhetoric has no place in politics on either side of the aisle.  

It is important to note though that instances of Democratic and progressive figures using Holocaust rhetoric remain rare

Our country is still waist deep in a sea of right-wing Holocaust rhetoric. Just look at the last week

All the while, the GOP’s rising star Marco Rubio (R-FL) pled ignorance and refused to condemn this sort of inappropriate language.

In short, Sanders’ comment was inappropriate but we are still waiting to hear the right condemn its own members.



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