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GOP Candidate Evokes Holocaust in Another Inflammatory Advertisement

Matthew Green — June 28, 2010 – 3:37 pm | Abusive Holocaust Rhetoric | Election 2010 | Health Care | Republicans Comments (0) Add a comment

Tea Party-backed Republican Rick Barber (R-AL) has released another inflammatory ad. His new TV commercial depicts him at a table with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, railing against the “tyrannical health care bill.” The ad is filled with militaristic imagery, beginning with a shot of their table, replete with a revolver, a Tea Party flag, and a Bible.

View the advertisement here.



Before long, Barber compares this year’s health care reform to slavery. He turns to an actor dressed as Abe Lincoln and says:

Hey Abe, if someone is forced to work for months to pay taxes so that a total stranger can get a free meal, medical procedure or a bailout, what’s that called? What’s it called when one man is forced to work for another?

“Slavery,” Lincoln responds.

After this response, a montage of disturbing photos flash on the screen. The images start off depicting African American slavery, then continue with an image of Jewish prisoners in a Nazi concentration camp. The montage ends with a photo of the gates to Auschwitz, and the infamous words, “Arbeit Macht Frei.”

A few weeks ago, Barber aired another reactionary TV advertisement urging viewers to “revolt” against the government. This week, Barber becomes the latest in a line of Republicans using abusive Holocaust rhetoric to advance their arguments. 


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